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        1. logo
            Welcome to Al Wakeel Mobile Phone
          AL WAKEEL MOBILE PHONE LLC. Is one of the major distributors, importers of mobile phones for both local and international wholesale market. We have been trading in the UAE market since 2002. We are currently importing stock from European as well as Asian markets and exporting to GCC, Africa, Russia and Middle East

          we have our own logistics setup in the Dubai airport free zone, where we have the facilities to cater for all the software options required for different markets. We distribute sim-free and pre-pay mobile phones and sim cards including the following networks Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2, 3, Orange, Virgin, Lebara and Lycamobile.

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          We want to sell and distribute a variety of Cellular Products on a daily basis to every living person on the earth. And to become the number one distributer for every home of wireless telecom products globally.
          Our mission is full of promise for the future, opening up exciting opportunities where we have competitive advantage for developing our business in the future and our new logo will help us confidently identify ourselves in every aspect of our business and to achieve the most preferred outsourcing partner for the network operators and manufacturers through a world-class sales, distribution and Customer Support Services network.

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